Natural Drawn™, Gold Fever's signature extensions

Gold Fever Natural Drawn™ Hair Extensions

At Gold Fever, we're all about redefining beauty and style with our innovative hair extensions.

In the spotlight today is our exclusive Natural Drawn, or simply ND, a game-changer for both stylists and clients seeking a perfect blend of beauty and convenience.

But what makes Natural Drawn the secret to effortless elegance?

For stylists: easy application and styling

As a stylist, you know that achieving a stunning hair transformation requires more than just quality extensions; it's all about the process. That's where Natural Drawn steps in to make your job easier and your results more remarkable.

Our ND™ extensions are designed to be effortlessly applied.

Thanks to the unique Protein Tips, you can seamlessly blend them into your clients' natural hair. These single strand extensions are created with precision, making the application process a breeze.

One of the standout features of Natural Drawn is its versatility.

Whether your clients desire added length, a change in colour, or a boost in volume, these extensions are up for the task. You have the creative freedom to craft the perfect style, all while accommodating your clients' unique preferences and lifestyles.

A stylist's dream, Natural Drawn boasts a revolutionary approach to bond technology. The protein-infused bonds, produced using cutting-edge aerospace techniques with Teflon coating, are incredibly small and barely detectable.

What this means for you and your clients is soft, beautifully styled hair that's easy to manage. These bonds ensure a seamless transition from natural hair to extensions, offering a look that's both stunning and effortlessly chic.



For clients: beauty with minimum maintenance

Your clients lead busy lives, and they want their hair to keep up without the hassle. Natural Drawn™ is the answer to their dreams of stunning hair that doesn't demand constant attention.

Clients adore the minimal maintenance required to keep their ND™ looking flawless. These extensions are exceptionally easy to care for, meaning your clients can enjoy gorgeous hair without the need for constant upkeep.

Say goodbye to long, complicated routines, and welcome hair that simply looks perfect, effortlessly.

An elegant journey

At Gold Fever, we believe in the journey to beauty being as beautiful as the end result. Natural Drawn™ enhances that journey, allowing both stylists and clients to embrace the art of effortless elegance.

With these extensions, you will unlock endless possibilities in style while keeping life simple and stylish.

Discover the beauty of Natural Drawn™ and together we'll make beauty effortless, just as it should be.