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Only the healthiest hair, of Indian ethical and traceable origin and scrupulously selected, becomes Gold Fever hair. Obtain your sensual and full-bodied hairstyle; with Gold Fever you can get glossy, voluminous and full hair throughout the entire lengths, not just at the top. An unparalleled hair extension quality to make your head as precious as never before.

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Our state-of-the-art application technology guarantees maximum aesthetics and the best protection for your hair. With Gold Fever you can get thick, silky and sensual hair, soft to the touch as you’ve always dreamed of. In full respect of our environment, we incorporate the use of ecological and biological products on the hair, loving and commending the greater benefit of these products on the hair compared to chemical products.

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Gold Fever only uses Indian hair of the finest quality available on the market. We use Indian hair because, besides having an excellent quality that is structurally compatible with our own, it is the only hair that is truly ethical and traceable.
Gold Fever continues to invest in research and product development with the aim of providing extensions of the most luxurious quality in the world, of easy and safe application, non-invasive and invisible.




All of us at Gold Fever make ethics and respect for cultures and the environment a corporate must. For this reason, in the hair procurement process, we are particularly careful in respecting its traceability standards.


We use Indian hair of the finest quality because, in addition to having an excellent quality that is compatible with ours and well suited to the application process, it is the only hair that is truly ethical and traceable on the market. Our Certificate of Origin certifies that all Gold Fever hair extensions reflect the transparency and passion that have always been part of our philosophy.


Both me and my clients love the amazing quality and thickness that Gold Fever offeres and the fact you can just wash your hair and it will dry with a beautiful beachy wavy texture. It is so easy to shampoo and if I blowdry it poker straight it has that beautiful “Shampoo advert” swingness and silkyness!.

Bradley King – Urban Retreat Harrods


I love the Gold Fever hair brand as the quality of the hair is so smooth and silky. They feel very light and the bonds are completely unnoticeable. They’re so easy to style and the color blends in with my hair perfectly. They make me feel like everyday is a good hair day.

Rosalind Lipsett – Los Angles Model

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