The Gold Fever journey: crafting ethical beauty

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Exploring the origins of Gold Fever reveals a story of transformation in the world of hair extensions. In an industry as dynamic as the one we belong to, choices abound for how we can move forward, choices that range from exploitation to those driven by positive motives.

If you've never delved into the intricacies of sourcing hair extensions, this blog is your gateway to understanding the critical importance of making an informed and ethical choice.

Where it all began

Gold Fever is the brainchild of Tom Gold. Rooted in our ethical values, we dedicate ourselves to honouring women, cultural values, and delivering uncompromised quality in an industry often marred by profit-driven compromises.

With decades of experience in the industry and extensive knowledge of Indian hair, Tom is passionate about ensuring that our approach to sourcing hair extensions is ethical and sustainable.

A booming industry

The world of hair extensions has experienced remarkable growth over the past decade. With rising interest, there has been a surge in businesses seeking to maximise profits.

The pursuit of cheaper sourcing options seems like an attractive solution; however, it often comes at the expense of the communities that hair is sourced from. At Gold Fever, we believe in fair pricing and the positive impact it has on the lives of those who provide the precious raw material for hair extensions.

Uncovering the truth

Today, 80% of all global hair extension production can be traced back to China. Shockingly, much of the hair used in Chinese factories for hair extensions originates in India's 'brushed hair' market. Brushed hair is exactly what it sounds like, hair collected from daily brushing rituals. It includes the strands that fall out during brushing and are carefully collected for sale.

The path of exploitation

The hair trade often begins with attempts to evade taxes when exporting hair from India to China. This involves smuggling large quantities of brushed hair across borders in hair trucks. In some cases, children are involved in the laborious process of packing and unpacking these trucks, working in unpleasant conditions. These practices not only lead to tax evasion but also human rights violations.

What happens to the women?

Exploitative supply chains place little value on ensuring that the women who donate their hair are fairly compensated. Collectors from various locations offer meagre payments to poverty-stricken individuals, who unknowingly contribute to the multi-billion-dollar hair extensions industry.

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Empowering consumers

In a world where choices matter, the impact of consumer decisions cannot be underestimated. Your choices as a consumer can help shape an industry, encouraging positive change and ethical practices in the sourcing of hair extensions. Making an informed decision to support hair extension companies committed to ethical and sustainable practices is a powerful step toward creating a better and more responsible future in the industry.

Gold Fever: a truly ethical choice

At Gold Fever, every strand of hair we use for our extensions comes from India -the only country where the practice of hair donation is deeply rooted. It is an age-old tradition where individuals of all ages donate their hair to temples, with the proceeds channeled back into the community for the greater good.


A choice that matters

Gold Fever is more than a brand; it's a conscious choice. We provide natural hair extensions that exude quality and ethically sourced beauty. Our exclusive use of the finest Indian hair, obtained through ethical means, makes our product an embodiment of confidence and beauty inside and out.

We are what you'd call a 'happy business' because our journey benefits everyone involved. From the donors and their communities to the end customer, we are all a part of this ethical and charitable venture.

In a world where ethical and inspiring business models lead the way, Gold Fever stands as the obvious choice for hair extensions that aren't just a crowning glory but a symbol of ethical and positive transformation.