Exquisite transformations & salon success!

Partner with Gold Fever – the UK's choice for science-backed hair extensions.

As a UK salon owner or stylist, you understand the transformative power of hair extensions.

At Gold Fever, we believe those transformations should extend beyond looks, they should inspire confidence, elevate your salon's reputation, and nurture long-term client relationships.

Our meticulous scientific approach to quality control ensures your clients experience the joy of beautiful hair.

Gold Fever's scientific edge

  • Seamless beauty: unlike extensions with damaged cuticles, Gold Fever preserves the integrity of the hair structure. This translates to effortless blending, a radiant look, and the utmost confidence for your clients.
  • Styling with confidence: independent calorimetric testing proves Gold Fever hair extensions have a melting point matching natural hair – giving your clients superior styling freedom without compromising quality.
  • A lasting investment: reduced salon visits and exceptional colour vibrancy translate to lasting satisfaction for both you and your clients. Invest in Gold Fever for enduring quality.

Gold Fever's extensive range for diverse needs

We celebrate the unique beauty of your diverse clientele.

Our comprehensive range of extensions extends beyond our scientifically superior core line. Discover our exclusive Natural Drawn™ line, featuring precision-crafted single strands, undetectable protein-infused bonds, and remarkable ease of application. Natural Drawn™ is ideal for effortless elegance and low-maintenance transformations.


The stylists' choice

Partnering with Gold Fever offers UK salons and stylists numerous benefits:

  • The Gold Fever touch: our extensions excel in texture, ensuring a smooth, manageable feel that both you and your clients will appreciate. This luxurious detail reinforces your salon's prestige.
  • Gentle, secure bonding: our low-heat bonding technology securely attaches extensions without compromising hair health. Prioritising client comfort and well-being builds trust and reflects your commitment to ethical practices.
  • A celebrated brand partnership & client confidence: working with Gold Fever signals your dedication to offering only the highest quality in hair extensions. Clients instinctively trust salons that champion excellence, a sentiment echoed by Bradley King of Urban Retreat Harrods: " Both me and my clients love the amazing quality and thickness that Gold Fever offers and the fact you can just wash your hair and it will dry with a beautiful beachy wavy texture. It is so easy to shampoo and if I blow-dry it poker straight it has that beautiful “Shampoo advert” swingness and silkyness!"

Become the go-to salon for stunning transformations

Transform your salon, deliver luxurious transformations, and attract a discerning clientele.

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