Exploring the benefits of real hair extensions

The benefits of real hair extensions

When you're on the hunt for hair extensions, one of the key decisions you'll face is choosing between real hair and synthetic options. While budget considerations may play a role, there's more to it than that.

If you're contemplating investing in hair extensions, you'll discover several compelling reasons to opt for real hair extensions over their synthetic counterparts.

Synthetic extensions: artificial from start to finish

Synthetic hair extensions are entirely artificial, crafted from materials like acrylic, nylon, or polyester. In essence, these substances are heated and moulded through tiny plastic tubes to create a hair-like appearance.

Since no genuine hair is involved in the synthetic process, these extensions tend to be more budget-friendly. They also offer enhanced durability because they are constructed from an artificial material and coated in plastic.

The (many) advantages of real hair extensions

  • Authentic aesthetics: real hair extensions boast an authentic appearance because they are, indeed, real. Unlike synthetic counterparts, which are manufactured to resemble real hair, real hair extensions are a product of generous donations. You won't need to search for the most convincing look because all real hair extensions offer a naturally genuine appearance. If you wish to avoid the artificial appearance, real hair extensions are the way to go.
  • Heat-friendly: real hair extensions respond naturally to heat, just like your own hair. This is in stark contrast to synthetic extensions, which have a plastic coating and do not handle heat well. Styling synthetic extensions can be challenging, limiting your freedom to experiment with different looks, unlike real hair extensions.
  • Colour freedom: with real hair extensions, changing your hair colour is a breeze. You can use bleach or dye as you would on your own hair. However, this isn't advisable for synthetic extensions due to the plastic components. Real hair extensions offer more opportunities for self-expression and transformations.
  • Longevity: real hair extensions have remarkable staying power, lasting up to a year, whereas synthetic alternatives typically need replacement every three months. Real hair extensions maintain their thickness and length throughout this period, which can make them a more cost-effective choice in the long run.
  • Easy styling: styling is a breeze with real hair extensions as they maintain their shape and blend seamlessly with your natural hair. Real hair extensions also provide a natural flow and movement, allowing for more versatile styling options.

The choice between real hair extensions and synthetic counterparts is evident: if you're seeking an authentic aesthetic, long-lasting extensions, and the flexibility to experiment with styles and colours, real hair extensions are the way to go. Feel free to get in touch for any questions.