Healthy hair, client care: Gold Fever's perfect pair

Gold Fever UK haircare and accessories

While our premium human hair extensions are renowned for their luxurious quality and effortless blending, that's only part of the story.

We're passionate about empowering salons and stylists in the UK and worldwide with the complete package – extensions, innovative wet line care, and top-rated tools – to elevate their craft and delight their clients.

Beyond beautiful hair:

Imagine the look on a client's face as they unveil longer, thicker, stunningly natural-looking hair. That's the Gold Fever + YOU magic.

But the journey starts long before the final reveal. Our wet line, meticulously formulated with cutting-edge technology and nourishing ingredients, ensures healthy, prepped foundations.

 Gold Fever Recalibrating Shampoo N.1

Say goodbye to breakage worsened by humid weather –  our Recalibrating Shampoo N.1 gently cleanses and repairs, while the Energising Miracle Mask N.3 rebuilds strength and shine. Every step lays the groundwork for flawless extension application.

Data speaks: salons love our Recalibrating Shampoo N.1, with 87% reporting a noticeable improvement in client hair health after using it for just two weeks. This translates to happier clients, fewer complaints about dryness and breakage, and ultimately, increased loyalty.

Tools of the trade:

Forget frustrating, unreliable tools. Gold Fever offers an arsenal of professional-grade equipment designed to make your life easier and your results flawless. Take our Ultrasonic Gold Machine:


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  • Ultrasonic technology: uses sound waves for 20% faster application compared to traditional heat methods, saving you valuable time and energy.
  • Precise & gentle: delivers uniform heat distribution while protecting natural hair from heat damage, ensuring client comfort and healthy roots.
  • Unmatched reliability: engineered with military-grade components for long-lasting performance and peace of mind.

Quantified benefits: imagine completing 20% more extension applications per day. With the Ultrasonic Gold Machine, that's a reality. This translates to increased revenue, happier clients, and a more efficient salon operation.

Why stylists love us (and we love them!):

  • Constant and reliable quality: from ethically sourced real human hair extensions to cutting-edge tools, we never compromise.
  • Effortless application: our user-friendly tools and expert resources ensure flawless results, even for beginners.
  • Happy clients: healthy hair, seamless application, and stunning results lead to satisfied clients who keep coming back.
  • One-stop shop: everything you need for complete hair extension transformations is right here.
  • Support and education: we offer ongoing training and resources to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Partner with Gold Fever for success

Gold Fever is more than just hair extensions – it's a partnership for success.

Join us to empower your clients and build a thriving business.

Explore our full range of premium human hair extensions, innovative wet line products, and top-rated tools for UK salons and stylists today!

And remember, when you choose Gold Fever, you're not only choosing the best, you're choosing a community of support and shared passion for creating hair dreams that come true.