Gorgeous, healthy extensions your clients will love

Gold Fever Hair Protein Tips™

The secret to healthy, gorgeous extensions

At Gold Fever, we understand your clients' desire for beautiful, long-lasting extensions and their natural concerns about potential damage. We're committed to providing innovative solutions that prioritise hair health alongside exquisite transformations.

Our Protein Tips™ offer a gentle alternative to traditional extension methods, combining stunning results with the protection their hair deserves.

Why Protein Tips™ are a hair health game-changer

Say goodbye to harsh adhesives and heat damage. Protein Tips™ offer a caring alternative, ensuring supple texture and radiant shine for gorgeous, hassle-free hair extensions.

The protein-based polymer shields natural hair against breakage, split ends, and even thinning caused by less advanced methods. Your clients will adore the confidence of luscious locks without sacrificing long-term health.



Goodbye fake, hello flawless

Forget those bulky, uncomfortable extensions that weigh down hair.

Protein Tips™ feel lightweight and flexible, offering all-day comfort alongside a flawless, natural appearance.

The protein-based polymer expertly blends with their own hair, achieving undetectable results. Give your clients the luxurious transformations they've been dreaming of with the finest hair extensions in the UK!

Benefits for stylists and clients

Gold Fever hair extensions with Protein Tips™ offer unique advantages for both you as a stylist and your discerning clients. The protein-based polymer delivers:

  • Easier, gentler application: protect both your time and your clients' hair with our innovative approach.
  • Reduced risk of damage: confidently transform looks, all while upholding your commitment to long-term hair health.
  • More natural-looking results: seamlessly blend our real hair extensions for truly exquisite transformations.
  • Comfortable wear: lightweight and flexible extensions guarantee all-day comfort.
  • Long-lasting results: gorgeous styles that last up to 5 months with proper care.

Ready to explore the benefits?

At Gold Fever, we're dedicated to empowering stylists to offer clients both breathtaking transformations and unparalleled hair health.

Discover the advantages of Protein Tips™ and how they can set your services apart. Contact us today and discover the perfect lengths, colours, and styles to create stunning, natural-looking results. Alternatively, register to see if your salon aligns with Gold Fever's standards of excellence.