Could Protein Tips™ be the game-changer your hair extensions need?

The protein-based polymer shields natural hair against breakage, split ends, and even thinning caused by less advanced methods.

Do your clients dream of long, mermaid-worthy locks but fear the damage traditional extensions can cause? Say goodbye to pulling, matting, and breakage – Gold Fever's Protein Tips™ revolutionising the hair extensions experience!

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Our innovative Protein Tips™ use a gentle, protein-based polymer that nourishes your hair while providing the length and volume you crave. Here's what sets them apart:

  • No harsh adhesives or heat: unlike traditional extensions, Protein Tips™ are applied without harsh chemicals or damaging heat, keeping your natural hair healthy and strong.
  • Lightweight and comfortable: no more bulky, uncomfortable extensions. Protein Tips™ feel like a natural part of your hair, so you can move freely and confidently.
  • Protects your natural hair: the unique protein-based polymer acts as a shield, minimising breakage, split ends, and even thinning often associated with other extension methods.
  • Flawless, natural results: the seamless blend of Protein Tips™ ensures a natural transformation that's virtually undetectable. Enjoy the length, volume, and colour you desire without sacrificing the health of your hair.

Gold Fever Protein Tips™ actually protect the hair, allowing a healthy growth for the entire duration of the extension cycle. 

The Protein Tips ™ give the strand greater smoothness and malleability, so extensions are faster and more practical to apply.


Our Protein Tips™ offer a unique and innovative solution for both salon stylists and their clients. The protein-based polymer provides a number of benefits, including:

Easier, gentler application: no more harsh chemicals or heat damage.

Reduced risk of damage: protect your natural hair while enjoying extensions.

More natural-looking results: seamless blending for a flawless, undetectable look.

Comfortable wear: lightweight and flexible extensions you'll barely notice.

Long-lasting results: enjoy your new look for up to 5 months with proper care.


Gold Fever Training & Education

To ensure you get the most out of Protein Tips™, we offer comprehensive training and education programs, where you will learn the ins and outs of our innovative technology, perfect your application techniques, attract new clients with in-demand skills, and boost your revenue.

Find a Gold Fever recommended stylist near you and experience the difference for yourself.

They'll help you choose the perfect length, colour, and style to suit your unique needs and desires. And with the gentle, protein-based technology of Protein Tips™, you can be confident that your hair will be thanking you!