Salon testimonials

I have worked with different brands of hair extensions over the past 10 years and I have to say that I am a huge fan of gold fever. It’s so easy to blend different tones which makes it so versatile for clients. There are so many shades to choose from without being overwhelming. The texture and feel of the hair is amazing. Just love it.

Jean O’Sullivan
Di Milo Hair Design

Developing a new easy to use effective alternative bond which is strong has been invaluable. The protein bond was a pleasure to work with, Gold fevers move to progress technology forward is refreshing in an industry that has been I unprogressive for so long. The luxury Browns are inspirational & have influenced to keep creating. I welcome advancement to the industry.

Vicky Demetriou
Hershesons Conduit St

Both me and my clients love the amazing quality and thickness that Gold Fever offeres and the fact you can just wash your hair and it will dry with a beautiful beachy wavy texture. It is so easy to shampoo and if I blowdry it poker straight it has that beautiful “Shampoo advert” swingness and silkyness!

Bradley King
Urban Retreat Harrods

Myself and my clients love the quality of Gold Fever Hair. It is so easy to work with allowing me to create perfect colour blends. It is definatly the best hair on the market with amazing texture which works for all my clients hair.

Hadley Yates
Hershesons Harvey Nichols

After being invited into the Gold Fever Circle, all of our extension clients leave 100% satisfied. The quality of the hair is the best on the market. By choosing Gold Fever Hair Extensions we can guarantee all of our extension clients will leave ZERO ONE with healthy, thick, shiny and all around perfect hair.

Sara Reynolds
Owner of Zero One Salon

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