Rachael Wilson

1. Please, describe shortly who you are.

I am Rachael, I am an Educator, Education Co-ordinator and UK Consultant for Gold Fever Luxury Hair. I’ve worked and lived in Yorkshire and London but now i’m settled in my home town Derby with my husband and two daughters.

2. How many years have you been a hairstylist?

I first got into hairdressing while I was still at school aged 15. I fell in love with the salon environment so much that I’d often skip school to do my hairdressing training instead!

3. Tell us more about your studies and your professional experiences / achievements ?

I have my NVQ Level 2 and 3 in hairdressing and I’m a qualified Hairdressing Assessor. Now that I am no longer salon based most of professional achievements involve the amazing salons that I get to work along side with Gold Fever, working behind the scenes some of the biggest TV shows including hair extensions features on This Morning and applying hair extensions to contestants and judges on The X Factor. But the best experience is seeing the stylists I have accredited go on to achieve massive success in the industry. 

4. Awards and certificates?

5. How Would You Describe Your Work Style?

As an Educator I’d like to think that my teaching style is informative but fun. Our Gold Fever Accreditation courses are very intensive with lots of topics to cover, but I hope i make them as interesting as possible. I like to keep the course groups as small as possible so that i can get to know each stylist individually and work closely with them to work to their strengths and help them improve on anything they’re not confident with. No one wants to be talked at for 2 days so I like to have lots of open discussions along side the hands on practical experience.

6. How do you approach the customer (for example: “I find original and creative hairstyles or I’ll try to find the best ones based on the customer personality style and visages”)

Consultation is the most important part of any hairdressing service, we dedicate a large part of our training to cover consultation. It so important to find out what the client would like to achieve but also what is realistic for their hair, lifestyle and budget.

7. Which are the most important skills that a hairstylist should have?

Passion, care and be a good listener!

8. How did you reach your success?

Ambition, dedication and hard work. I quit hairdressing in salon and started working on telesales at my previous hair extension company but I knew it was great way to get my foot in the door. I put myself forward for every opportunity, working on trade shows, covering maternity leave, moving to London but my end goal was always to be an Educator and I got there! Now with Gold Fever I have a new list of targets to achieve.

09. Why did you choose to work with Gold Fever?

After leaving my previous company I was head hunted by 4 different hair extension companies.  But as soon as Gold Fever sent me some hair to try out (which non of the other companies did) I was sold just like every other person who has tried Gold Fever Hair! The quality, the thickness, the luxury it has to be seen and touched to be believed!

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