Samuel Burley

1. Please, describe shortly who you are.

Artist, colourist, extensionist, I am an extremely creative person. I like to make things look beautiful and it doesn’t really matter what I’m working with, if there’s something I can do to transform or create something I will. I am so passionate about hair that it’s taken over my life, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

2. How many years have you been a hairstylist?

11 years in total!

3. Tell us more about your studies and your professional experiences / achievements ?

My biggest achievement to date is opening my own salon and building a small team of talented stylists. I am very passionate about education and this has now led us into teaching which is really exciting! Our team’s work has been noticed by many different brands and has given us some amazing opportunities to work alongside them creating photographic imagery, collections and education.

4. Awards and certificates?

No awards as yet, but plenty of certificates for taking part! 

5. How Would You Describe Your Work Style?

I love simplicity, however I like it to create an impact. I flip between natural beachy, handpainted colour, bold colour melts and block colours.
Although my work often looks colourful and bright, it is usually very simple and I’ve built up a massively diverse clientele around my style.

6. How do you approach the customer (for example: “I find original and creative hairstyles or I’ll try to find the best ones based on the customer personality style and visages”)

I really like to get to know my clients personality, likes and dislikes. I feel this way I can really understand their style and how they like to have their hair. 

7. Which are the most important skills that a hairstylist should have?

Communication! It’s so important to be able to listen to your client and interpret what they are envisioning, setting realistic goals and expectations and always being kind. 

8. How did you reach your success?

It all started with Instagram! I was working as a self employed stylist in a little salon when I began posting my work on Instagram. Gradually I built up a following and clients started travelling from all over the UK to have their colour and extensions with me. I ended up building such a massive clientele that I was able to open my own salon. I constantly update my skills with further training and my business has carried on growing at a really rapid rate. I’ve been given so many incredible opportunities to work with different brands, which is how I ended up joining the amazing team at Gold Fever. 

9. Why did you choose to work with Gold Fever?

First and foremost Gold Fever are raising industry standards which is something I am very passionate about. They are the only extension company who control all aspects of their hair production, which means if we as stylists have new ideas for the products, Gold Fever can create them. Not only is the hair ethically sourced (which is extremely important) the quality of the hair is unrivalled, truly double drawn and completely customisable – giving you the freedom to create exactly what your client requires.The customer service and after care is the best I have ever experienced and there is always someone to talk to should you ever need them. 

Vuoi diventare un salone Gold Fever?

Vai al modulo di candidatura e rispondi al questionario, analizzeremo la tua richiesta e nel caso di esito positivo, verrai contattato da un Service Provider che ti guiderà nel mondo di Gold Fever.