Imy hair

1. Please, describe shortly who you are.

I’m @imy_hair and I’m based In a luxury salon in Belgravia (just off Sloan street). I love every aspect of hairdressing and I love nothing more then working with my clients to get them to their idea of hair perfection. I have a massive clientele and have worked with a lot of celebrities. Cheryl, Joss Stone, Lucy Watson, Nicola Hughes. (to name just a few).

2. How many years have you been a hairstylist?

I have been a hairstylist for 19years now! ? I actually didn’t realise how long it’s been until you asked me!

3. Tell us more about your studies and your professional experiences / achievements ?

When I started out, I worked for a lot of mainstream salons who’s training was VERY strict! I started off with Harrington’s In South Oxfordshire then move to toni and guy where I did my vardering. After that I moved down to Dorset and worked for a Sassoon salon which had a lot of Sassoon training. I then made the move to London and entered a reality TV show which I went on to win and got a job in a exclusive high end salon, which got me to the level salon I work in now. I’m also a signed stylist to Adrenalin agency, which gets me work on music videos, campaigns and shoots.

4. Awards and certificates?

Sadly no awards! Although I was nominated for extensionist of the year last year. I have sooo many certificates! My favourite being my Goldfever one ?. Countless Sassoon and loreal ones too! NEVER STOP EDUCATING YOURSELF!

5. How Would You Describe Your Work Style?

My work style is, polished, glossy, seamless and elegant! 

6. How do you approach the customer (for example: “I find original and creative hairstyles or I’ll try to find the best ones based on the customer personality style and visages”)

Consultation is always key, you have to get inside your clients head and try to see things the way they see them. People see colours and tones so differently when it on themselves. This is why it’s important to keep going back to the same person and tweeking it each time until you get to where you want to be. 

7. Which are the most important skills that a hairstylist should have?

PATIENCE, LOVE and CARE! I mean I know their not really skills, but if you take your time and put a lot of love into what your doing you’ll succeed.

8. How did you reach your success?

By working my ass off! Never giving up, and always pushing myself to step out and do the things that fill me with dread (like the reality tv show). I didn’t want to do it but I made myself and ended up winning which in tern got me to where I am today.

09. Why did you choose to work with Gold Fever?

Because I loved everything about it! I was so excited when they approached me to use the brand! As soon as I tried their hair I was blown away with the quality and diversity of the extensions. I then sent them a message on Instagram saying i was so excited about Goldfever and I’d love to be more involved with them. Then here we are today! I’m one of their core educator team with such a talented group! 

Vuoi diventare un salone Gold Fever?

Vai al modulo di candidatura e rispondi al questionario, analizzeremo la tua richiesta e nel caso di esito positivo, verrai contattato da un Service Provider che ti guiderà nel mondo di Gold Fever.