Ana Martins

1. Please, describe shortly who you are.

Ana is a Portuguese girl, grew up in a family of values and love, always a fighter looking for innovation and realization of dreams …Likes to see happy smiles.

2. How many years have you been a hairstylist?

She began working in hairdressers on school holidays at the age of twelve, until she finished compulsory school,at age 19 she left the hairdresser and became technical director of a brand of products.

3. Tell us more about your studies and your professional experiences / achievements ?

On a training trip he had the first contact with extensions. In 1996 he gave the 1st extension course in Lisbon.In 1997 and for 10 years she was technical director of a brand of extensions and performing more than 1000 extensions trainings to hairdressers. In 2007, decided to open the only space of application of extensions in Lisbon, Academy of Hair Extensions. Where she receives her clients in private and also gives training to hairdressers

4. Awards and certificates?

Over the years, has always been awarded prizes and diplomas of the brands with which she worked. And all this years  all professional hairdress  in Portugal. call Ana   ….”the mother of extensions”…

5. How Would You Describe Your Work Style?

The work style, is the perfect relationship in what you like to do and see happy client / friend. Sympathy and professionalism

6. How do you approach the customer (for example: “I find original and creative hairstyles or I’ll try to find the best ones based on the customer personality style and visages”)

In a first approach the customer seeks more volume, we start with little length and more volume, always respecting the hair texture. The client looking for stretching, we have to do a work proportional to own hair

7. Which are the most important skills that a hairstylist should have?

Passion, care and be a good listener!the skills of the professional is to do a work with balance, taking into account what the client wants or can have

8. How did you reach your success?

The secret of Ana’s success is honesty, does not make an application work, knowing that it will harm the customer’s hair. Ask the client for a monthly visit to our Academy, to see if everything is fine with the extensions, if you are combing and tidying well.

09. Why did you choose to work with Gold Fever?

The choice of Gold Fever, had to do with the relationship with the Gold family and looking to give the best to my clients, we find in the Gold Fever, quality ; prestige, and because it is the best hair for extension

Vuoi diventare un salone Gold Fever?

Vai al modulo di candidatura e rispondi al questionario, analizzeremo la tua richiesta e nel caso di esito positivo, verrai contattato da un Service Provider che ti guiderà nel mondo di Gold Fever.