Jack Howard

Marie Claire's Hair Colourist of the Year 2018, Jack is widely credited with bringing balayage to the UK, and teaches hugely popular courses for many salons around the world. Jack has also been chosen by L'Oréal Professionnel Products Division as one of the industry's elite colourists. Now, Gold Fever and Jack Howard have chosen to embark on an exciting journey together through the colourful nuances of the hair extensions world.

Color is the new Fever.

Color is the new Fever.

Exclusive interview with the guru of Balayage.

Colour is the new Gold.

“Gold Fever and Jack Howard are the perfect collaboration of an award winning colourist and a fantastic hair extension company.
No other brand has that so it’s very very exciting”

Jack Howard

Colour is the new Fever.

Exclusive Interview with Jack Howard

You are considered to be the guru of balayage. When did you first start exploring this technique?

JH: It was in the 90’s in the USA and I realised that this was something hot and I needed to learn how to do it well, it was a game changer.

What makes you so passionate about balayage?

JH: I just love the result; when done well it’s effortless, fresh and youthful. What woman wouldn’t want that? It’s also so much more modern and fits with our busy schedules today – colour shouldn't be a chore.

Stylists Academy

In the last years, you have been focusing more and more on teaching young talents the art of balayage. What is your best advice for young stylists?

JH: I’ve actually been teaching balayage since the 90’s, first as a national artist in the USA and then privately and as an international artist for L’Oreal and under my own education brand. “My advice for any stylist young or old is 'stay relevant’. Stay on top of trends, and in class it’s always practice, practice, practice”

The next save-the-date of your courses?

My next course is April 23rd and May 21st in London but if you can’t get to them don’t worry, I now offer video on demand which offers a lifetime access to learning – these are step by step videos in which I demonstrate different balayage looks and give my top tips and key learnings.

Something personal, Beauty and Woman

I think people would like to know you better. TV Series or Movies?

JH: I love both and find the whole media to be really inspiring for my work. My fave movie is Truly Deeply Madly with Alan Rickman and Juliette Stevenson and as for TV, it's a toss up between The Wire and Madmen.

I’m sure nobody asked you before. Jack Howard, what’s your favourite colour?

JH: I’m drawn to earth tones generally but I love a little fire...

Let’s talk about beauty. What is beauty for JH?

JH: For me it should be effortlesss and uncomplicated (or at least look it!)

Beauty or Wellness?

JH: I’d go for wellness first, beauty comes organically from wellness.

Do you have some advice to feel good and beautiful everyday?

JH: Exercise – it’s so easy to slip out of the habit but it’s essential for our wellbeing. Even if it’s a short walk, make it happen every day – you’ll always feel good for it.

How are women changing?

JH: Women are not changing but their demands to be treated equally are finally being heard, and that gives more women the confidence to speak out. So that is changing and that’s a good thing. Equality and fairness, who wouldn’t want that.

In 2018 Jack Howard meets Gold Fever

When and how did you first hear about Gold Fever?

JH: Pretty much after the Brand appeared on the market – the world of hair is a small one!

Could you anticipate something about your partnership?

JH: I have some really exciting ideas that I have already shared with Gold Fever and some of them are already being put into action, so I’d say expect a brilliant collaboration.

What should we expect from this new adventure?

JH: Now that would be telling LOL but it has a lot to do with great quality hair and beautiful colour.

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