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Onze ethische & traceerbare belofte

De wereld van Hair

De wereld van Hair

Met de explosie van hair extensions als een wereldwijd fenomeen is de vraag naar menselijke haar drastisch toegenomen. Uiteraard leidt dit tot de vraag hoe aan een dergelijke eis kan worden voldaan omdat haar de eindige grondstof is.

Echt Ethische Haar

Allerlei verhalen circuleren over de wereld met betrekking tot de inkoop, ethiek en traceerbaarheid van haar en vele misleidende uitspraken die hierover gaan. Het enige echt ethische en traceerbare haar is Indisch haar van de beste kwaliteit die wordt afgeschoren door Indiase tempels, dit als onderdeel van een religieuze ceremonie. Deze haren worden door de gelovigen kosteloos geschonken om dankbaarheid hun Goden te uitten. Dit is een belangrijk onderdeel van de Indiase cultuur. Van de opbrengsten van dit haar bouwen de Tempels scholen, ziekenhuizen en andere goede doelen.

Why is Ethically Sourced Hair more valuable?

Why is Ethically Sourced Hair more valuable?

This Indian hair has become extremely expensive primarily because of the heavily increasing demand of wig manufacturers who purchase considerable quantities due to the amount of hair needed in a wig. It is interesting to note that Jewish Orthodox women all wear wigs as part of their religious practice and thus are prepared to pay for top quality wigs which are usually of dark colour, the hair therefore not having been subjected to particular processing to get it lighter. Indian hair is naturally very dark brown to black.

Expertise in the hands of a few

It takes an exceptional level of experience and expertise to be able to process Indian hair all the way up to blonde shades without compromising its initial superior quality and value. On the other hand, this expensive hair can be of little interest to those not able to process it with the correct know-how, enabling it as a result to maintain its superior quality and consequent value. They would be paying for a raw material that their traditional bleaching process would inevitably damage and thus they would be left with an expensive product but of poor quality.

The Outcome

The result of this is that most companies resort to buying cheap hair from all sorts of sources, many of which can have nothing to do with Ethicality or Traceability since the only factor of interest to them is that of a cheap price. The hair may be touted as being Temple and Ethical hair but the unwary client will simply end up with what she paid for, poor hair at an expensive price and, in the worst scenario, hair procured from extremely dubious sources by those looking to exploit poverty.

Gold Fever Ethicality Promise

Genuine Indian hair of the finest quality has become the most expensive on the market and is absolutely Traceable. Gold Fever, because of its long standing reputation and credibility in the industry, has access to supplies of Indian hair of the finest quality throughout India, which is the only hair Gold Fever utilises. This, coupled with unparalleled expertise and pioneering in advanced hair processing methods, permits us, as you will see, to offer you the best hair available worldwide and of unquestionable ethical origin.

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