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Gold Fever ™ commitment to you

Our commitment is to always and consistently provide you with the very best product the market could possibly have to offer and to continue with our tendency of pioneering for a future that will always be one step ahead.
We intend to eliminate the classical finger pointing back at the salon and the technician and at times even at the client if something goes wrong. This is not only unfair and embarrassing to yourselves and your business but it is a shirking of responsibility that an honest and transparent supplier should take upon his own shoulders. Too often a problem is ping ponged back to the salon as if the responsibility has nothing to do with the supplier and all sorts of justifications are produced to divert the responsibility for the problem encountered.
Gold Fever ™ takes full responsibility for the product it supplies you with and will never hide behind a pointed finger. If our hair is applied properly by the certified Gold Fever ™ technician and properly maintained by the client we promise that any mishaps will be, if ever any at all, very few and far between. Our prompt response at identifying the real source of the problem will be honest and transparent and our reaction rapid and pro active. We want you to share our enormous passion for this beautiful product and the happiness it can generate in your clients. The growth of your business and our business will automatically follow this shared passion. We are driven by a passion that we do not intend to betray and are proud and privileged to have you share this with us.


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