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The Gold Fever Application machine has been designed not only to be pleasing to the eye in the context of the modern salon but to facilitate the application of our new Gold Fever Protein Tips ™ strands. In sharp contrast to the need to continually wipe off residue from the tips of commonly used application machines and eventually scrape off the protective coating resulting in burning or discoloured bonding agent…unpleasing to the eye and structurally compromised, the Gold Fever application tips are produced using a totally new aerospace technology in Teflon coating. When cold and with practically a flick of the finger and without the need for cloth or abrasive fabric the protein is easily removed from the applicator tips. Discolouration of the attachment area is a thing of the past if application procedure is adhered to correctly. The Gold Fever application machine has been designed to be as maintenance free as possible leaving you free to perform an extension service without the worries so often associated with fluctuating temperatures, inconsistent application tips and burning bonding agent.

Cold Application Machines – The Truth

A number of companies have adopted Ultrasound or cold application systems claiming them to be “faster” and “safer”. This is far from the truth. Marketing an application machine as “cold” is a myth and has become an excuse for a middleman charging exorbitant prices for this type of equipment. There is no such thing as a cold application machine. How an ultra sonic machine works is by an extremely high velocity of vibrations between the application tips which produce friction on the hair and the bonding agent and create heat as a result. This can be compared to rubbing ones hands together at a fast speed and experiencing the resulting heat. In the case of a “cold” application machine the vibrations produced can be compared to rubbing two sticks together at speeds extremely difficult to control and therefore producing temperatures far in excess of what the molecular structure of the bonding agent and the hair itself should be subjected to. If accidentally squeezed for too long, temperatures produced could shoot into the many hundreds of degrees in a matter of seconds and cause irreparable damage which would become apparent at a later stage due to the decomposed bonding agent and damaged hair. Since technology has taken a major leap forward and has been made available to Gold Fever ™ , new micro processors and space age Teflon coating permit application parameters to be controlled safely and categorically within the boundaries of what is good for the hair and what will not destroy the molecular structure of the bonding agent. Courts of Justice in Germany and Austria went as far as banning the use of “cold” or “cooling” when referencing “cold” application machines for use in hair extensions.

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