Gold Fever Protein Tips

Blend different colours in the same strand to obtain a natural, unique effect

Our single strand extensions are applied thanks to a protein-based polymer, very similar to the famous keratin. The enormous advantage of our “Protein Tips ™” is that they act as a perfect bridge between the client’s natural hair and the extension, respecting the molecular structure of the hair and allowing the hair to breathe and behave exactly as it would in nature, and at the same time ensuring an excellent grip and durability of the extensions.

The Gold Fever Protein Tips ™ are perfectly symmetrical on both sides of the bond, allowing the stylist to cut them horizontally, not just vertically. The horizontal cut of the Protein Tip ™ allows the stylist to apply the strands in more delicate areas of the head where the client’s natural hair is thinner and more delicate. This allows the stylist to safely apply the tailored strands using the Gold Fever application technique.

Thanks to our extensions with “Protein Tips ™”, our colour range becomes a palette of colours with a multitude of customisation possibilities. Years dedicated to research and product development have led to the elaboration of this precious product designed to make the application of the extensions safer, faster and much more versatile.

Asymmetric bonds do not offer this flexibility, thus precluding the possibility of obtaining an optimal final result since, when reduced to the desired size and then applied, hair loss becomes inevitable due to the lack of binding polymer on one side of the horizontally-cut bond. 

Asymmetric bonds

They are the most widespread on the market today and with all the limitations of a perfect application as explained above. If you cut horizontally to get a small bond, hair loss becomes inevitable.

Perfectly Symmetric Gold Fever Protein Tips™

The Protein Tips™ extensions allow a more beautiful, symmetrical and lasting application, allowing the stylist much more room for his/her creativity and, at the same time, avoid the shedding of individual hairs that make up the strand. 

Why choose Gold Fever Protein Tips™?

Protection for the hair

Gold Fever Protein Tips™ actually protect the hair, allowing a healthy growth for the entire duration of the extension cycle. This is thanks to the molecular compatibility of the protein that fits perfectly with the structure of the natural hair, acting as a perfect bridge between the extension and the client’s own hair. Obviously, the application of the extensions must always be performed by highly qualified personnel, otherwise there is a very high risk of using a product of exceptional quality in the wrong way.

High-tech application

Thanks to our new, advanced Protein Tips ™ formula, we have succeeded in imitating the molecular structure of natural human hair, therefore the Protein Tips ™ will behave in harmony with the hair, expanding when wet and returning to their normal state when dry, guaranteeing an application which is safe, natural and beautiful. Even the removal of Gold Fever Protein Tips ™ extensions is extremely delicate on natural hair, and protects the hair from environmental damage.

Fast and safe to apply

The Protein Tips ™ give the strand greater smoothness and malleability, so extensions are faster and more practical to apply. The Gold Fever application standards are the result of years of research aimed respecting the hair’s original structure and employ advanced technologies that guarantee the best result. For this reason it is absolutely necessary to rely on Gold Fever Certified Salons and Stylists that have completed our thorough and meticulous training and application course.

Comfortable to wear

The protein extensions are fabulously comfortable for those who wear them. Forget jagged coarse extensions that trap your fingers when you move them through your hair. The quality of the bonds and the technology of application allow you to have and incredibly silky and untangled head.

Bespoke Customisation by Gold Fever

Gold Fever Protein Tips ™ hair extensions, allow an easy mixing and blending of different colours for the creation of a uniquely tailored and bespoke strand. The vast availability of different types of application methods, colours and nuances offered by Gold Fever, give the stylist maximum space to truly bring out his/her creativity in order to create a personalised and tailored style, but always with an incredibly natural effect.

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