Client testimonials

I am extremely happy with the amazing quality of my Gold Fever hair and I would highly recommend them. 

Fionnuala Short
Irish Model

After I had my baby I lost a lot of volume and thickness which really got me down. Gold Fever has given me back my hair confidence. My hair is now always so soft and full and it is so easy to manage which is a mothers dream!

Virginia Macari

After many years wearing other brand extensions I would be left after 6 weeks with tangled dry hair, I never believed I would find extensions as high quality as Gold Fever hair, they are the softest extensions Iv ever come across, with the smallest bonds which are light enough to grow with your own natural hair growth without pulling your natural hair. They don’t matt at all and you wake up everyday with hair you normally only receive from a salon blow dry. I have my extensions in now 6 months and they are still as soft as they were when they first were applied. And my natural hair has finally been given a chance to grow without the heavy bonds pulling it out! I cannot recommended Gold Fever any higher and the company itself! I am forever addicted!

Kerri-Nicole Blanc

I love the Gold Fever hair brand as the quality of the hair is so smooth and silky. They feel very light and the bonds are completely unnoticeable. They’re so easy to style and the color blends in with my hair perfectly. They make me feel like everyday is a good hair day.

Rosalind Lipsett

I love Gold Fever because I have very thin and lifeless hair and they give me loads of body and texture. The hair feels so lightweight and feels and looks like your own hair! It’s silky and think from top to bottom and it holds the curl so well when I’m styling it!

Carla Jackson

I had my last set of Gold Fever hair extensions in for 8 Months and they still looked amazing! From my experience Gold Fever hair is much better quality than any other hair companies – and I’ve tried all of them!! Can’t live without my Gold Fever Hair!

Melina Skvortsova

For me having my hair camera ready is really important. I have had a big surge in confidence since getting my gold fever hair extensions done. It’s the volume and glossiness that I adore – I haven’t had that with any other brands! I find them easy to maintain and I love the tiny bonds and fullness. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Laura Mullett

I have been getting different types of extensions for the past 5 years and Gold Fever are without a doubt the best ones I have ever had. The quality of the hair is amazing. It doesn’t shed at all and they are unbelievably natural looking. I couldn’t be happier!

Karina Graham

Being a busy working mom who loves being glamorous but doesn’t necessarily have the time to spend on herself. Gold Fever are the answers to my prayers. These gorgeous glossy extensions makes my hair very easy to manage and look fab no matter what the style!

Michelle Ragazoli

I’m on my second set of Gold Fever and I can genuinely say the quality far surpasses any brand I’ve ever used before. The silky natural texture of the hair and longevity I get out of them is why they are the best on the market! I’m totally obsessed

Holly Keating

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