Hair extensions: evolution through time

Hair extensions often seem like such an innovative solution that they must be a modern invention. However, the reality is that humans have been loving hair extensions for thousands of years. They have been one of the most consistently used beauty products throughout history and it all started with the Ancient Egyptians.. A timeline of […]

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What are the advantages of real hair extensions?

If you’re buying hair extensions then no doubt you’re choosing between real hair and synthetic options. There is a big difference between the way that real and synthetic hair extensions look and feel and the right option for you will depend on more than just budget. If you’re planning to invest in hair extensions there […]

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How Gold Fever Started

Exploitation is a story as old as time – but one that we are working collaboratively to end at Gold Fever. In an industry as vibrant as hair extensions there are choices in terms of the way that businesses opt to move forward – taking the route of exploitation or making constructive choices that have […]

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