Business Model

Fast and cost-effective without a middle man

Gold Fever has eliminated the traditional middleman layer in today’s Hair Extension industry. This means that our hair extensions are delivered directly from the production facilities, via the service centre, without being subjected to the inevitable, often unjustifiable, and substantial mark-ups that distributors apply.

In many industries today, middlemen have become a very expensive and unnecessary layer in the supply chain thanks to technology and the internet. This allows Gold Fever to be extremely competitive with regards to prices because the hair is delivered from our own service centres directly to hair salons, without passing through distributors.

Therefore, avoiding intermediaries means cutting costs to offer more advantageous prices. Since Gold Fever does not employ the use of distributors in various territories, we are able to offer our superior quality products with considerable savings for salons and end clients. To this, we add the speed and all the advantages of the Internet together with personnel and experts always available on the territory.

Ethics and Quality

Thanks to its new business model and the elimination of expensive middlemen, Gold Fever is always able to buy exclusively ethical and traceable hair. We are the only company in the world at present that oversees everything we buy, produce and sell from start to finish. This makes us quite unique in today’s saturated market.

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