What are the advantages of real hair extensions?

If you’re buying hair extensions then no doubt you’re choosing between real hair and synthetic options. There is a big difference between the way that real and synthetic hair extensions look and feel and the right option for you will depend on more than just budget. If you’re planning to invest in hair extensions there are a number of advantages to opting for real hair extensions over fake.

Synthetic hair extensions are completely artificial

All synthetic hair extensions are made from artificial materials. That could be acrylic, nylon or polyester. The substance is essentially heated up and then pushed through tiny plastic tubes to create what looks like hair. Because there is no real hair involved in the synthetic process, this type of hair extension can be cheaper. It’s also likely to be more hard wearing than human hair because it’s an artificial substance that is coated in plastic.

The advantages of using real hair extensions

  • A more convincing aesthetic. Real hair extensions look real because they are. While synthetic hair extensions have been manufactured, real hair extensions are donated – you don’t need to try and find the most convincing and realistic look because all real hair extensions will achieve this. So, if you want to avoid that synthetic appearance, real hair extensions are the best choice.
  • Real hair extensions are fine in the heat. They will react just like any other human hair in hot conditions. This is in contrast to synthetic hair extensions, which are coated in plastic and so don’t respond that well to heat. This can make synthetic hair extensions particularly difficult to style and, if that’s what you opt for, you won’t have the same opportunity to play around and experiment with your look as you would with real hair extensions.
  • It’s easy to change your colour with real hair extensions. Particularly if you’re looking to use bleach in your colour, this is not advisable with a synthetic hair extension because of the plastic it contains. However, if you’ve got real hair extensions then you can colour your hair whenever you choose and in the same way as you would your own hair – there is much more opportunity for self-expression and change.
  • Real hair lasts longer. In fact, your real hair extensions will last for up to a year while synthetic options will need to be replaced every three months. Real hair extensions will retain thickness and length in this time but synthetic hair extensions may not. This can mean that real hair extensions are actually much less expensive in the long run.
  • You’ll find real hair much easier to style. That’s because real hair extensions tend to hold their shape more while synthetic hair extensions don’t. Plus, you’ll get that natural movement with real hair extensions and they will integrate much more easily with your natural hair when it comes to styling.

The choice between real hair extensions or synthetic hair extensions is an obvious one – pick real hair if you’re looking for a gorgeous aesthetic, long lasting extensions and the opportunity to create the styles and colour that you want.

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