The Gold Fever application machine

Gold Fever applications are made using an innovative aerospace technology for the coating of the application tweezer. The Gold Fever machine for extension application is innovative because it guarantees the best result and does not require maintenance.

The machine has been designed not only to be pleasing to the eye, in the context of the modern hair salon, but to facilitate the application of our new Gold Fever Protein Tips ™ strands. 

With Gold Fever extension application machine there is no need to constantly wipe off residue, risking to scrape off the protective Teflon coating, resulting in burning or discolouring the bonding agent, unpleasing to the eye and structurally compromising.

Thanks to the Teflon coating, when cold, with a flick of the finger and without the need for cloth or abrasive fabric, the protein residue is easily removed from the applicator tips. If the application procedure is performed correctly, the machine and tweezer will last a lifetime.

The Gold Fever application machine has been designed to be as maintenance free as possible, leaving the hairstylist free to perform an extension service without having to worry about fluctuating temperatures and burning bonding agent.

Presenting the new Ultrasonic Gold

Gold Fever recently launched its own version of ultrasound machine.  We call it Ultrasonic Gold and it is taking the market by storm.  The Ultrasonic Gold is extremely safe for both the stylist and client and allows the application of super flat bonds which are even more invisible and comfortable to wear.  

The Ultrasonic Gold works thanks to high velocity vibrations between the application tips which produce friction on the Protein Tip™. This friction creates heat as a result, but only on the Protein Tip™, meaning that the client’s hair never actually comes in contact with direct heat.

Clients are loving the flat and invisible bonds that the Ultrasonic Gold delivers. This gives the client even more freedom to wear her hair however she pleases.

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